Fully express your value

The Fluency network supports privacy enabled application environments and limitless transactions.

Build applications, payment architectures, currency systems, and telemetry environments on a scalable decentralized network. Incentivize IoE smart environments using a framework for multi-actor data ecosystem design.


Our Technology

The Fluency network is a distributed computing fabric composed of dynamically reconfigurable nanoservices. Our technology is not blockchain but provides a decentralized feature set for developers with the added benefit of scalability and privacy controls for users. We leverage leading strategies in edge computing to create practical and powerful building blocks for decentralized environments.


Interoperable Atoms

Fluency’s patented Atoms are composable nanoservices that support unlimited functions in a dynamic network topology.


IoE Smart Contracting

Connect complex environments through automated coordination without the rigidity of client-server or blockchain technologies.


Unlimited Scalability

The Fluency network holds boundless potential to scale. It supports infinite horizontal connectivity between nodes.


Decentralized Payments

Create real-time payment and currency systems that support unlimited transactions, user privacy, and nanopayments.


Data Sovereignty

Fluency provides customizable privacy solutions, allowing for permissioned access to personal and commercial data.


Telemetry Markets

Build real-time, competitive marketplaces for sharing sensor data while leveraging cross-platform interoperability.


About Us

Fluency is located in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2018 we are innovative problem solvers with a passion for changing the way people perceive and exchange information. Our growing team cares about building amazing relationships, solving novel problems, and leaving the world better than when we got here.


Why Fluency?

Fluency builds practical and elegant decentralized computing solutions. Our network incentivizes the universal exchange of data and unlocks the potential of the next economy.